Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I love films, not movies.

So my love of films, and my love for discussing films, has pushed me towards creating a blog so that I can talk to my heart's content about this subject matter. It wasn't until grad school that I really fell in love with good filmmaking and really appreciated the art of good story telling. I was sitting in a film theory class in grad school, and was introduced to the likes of Kieslowski, Manchevski, LePage. These foreign filmmakers were new to me. I knew the work of Tykwer and Almodovar, and was excited to be introduced to a wide range of films outside of the United States. However, some of my favorite films of all time are from my childhood, and therefore have a nostaglic place in my heart. Among these are, The Princess Bride, Goonies, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Jumping Jack Flash, yes people, I was a product of the 80s. I could watch these films over and over, and still be entertained. But, all of these films, at its core, had a great and unique story line. The love story set in the middle ages, pirate ships and the treasure hunt, teenage angst, highschool cliques, and spy mysteries. Somehow, even though I have seen these films numerous time, I always find myself laughing at the same jokes. Today, I become quickly annoyed and bored at Hollywood overproduced movies. It seems, there is always, a lack of plot, character, story, and above all too much special effects. But then again, I always like to be proven wrong.


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