Thursday, December 08, 2005

Netflix rocks.

I've been a Netflix member for some time now. It's such a great way to see films I missed when it was out in theaters. It's amazing how expensive it is to go to the movies these days. A ticket in New York City costs on average $10.75. Add in your date, concessions, and dinner, and that makes for an expensive night. It makes movie goers like myself wait for that special film to come out in order for me to justify spending that kind of money. I'm looking forward to "Memoirs of a Geisha" to come out on theaters. It has received rave reviews. I try not to read reviews before I see a film, to not bias myself, however, but it's hard not to hear some of it, with all the commercials and previews I've seen for this film. Other films out this season, that I'm looking forward to seeing is "XMen III". I was a big fan of the previous two movies, however, I think the first one was better than the second. I do also want to see "Pride and Prejudice", however, my boyfriend stated that it's a chick flick, so I'm going to see if my girlfriends will go with me. I really do adore period pieces. Among my favorites are "Elizabeth" and "Emma". The costumes, the sceneries, the attention to detail, makes for really beautiful art direction. It really allows you to peek into a world of the past.


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