Thursday, December 08, 2005

Recent Netflix rentals

I never saw the movie, "Reality Bites" so I thought I rent it to see what the hype back then was all about. Reality doesn't bite, this movie did. I could not believe I wasted 2 hours to watch Wynona Ryder whine about how devastating her boring life was. Not only that, Ethan Hawke was so cliche in it. In fact, the whole love / hate relationship he had been his character and Wynona's character was so cliched. Everyone knows, that at the end of the movie, they will be together. So boring. And I usually like Ethan, except for the movie Before Sunrise, and even worse, Before Sunset. Why do you have to make a sequel to an already uninteresting movie? Every time I am half way through a bad movie, I always watch it to the end, even though I already wasted an hour. I always feel that the movie has another hour to redeem itself. Only once, I didn't watch a movie in it's entirety, and it was this funny documentary about mullets. After awhile, it was like, seen one mullet, seen them all.


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