Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Recruit

Al Pacino is a great actor. It's just a shame that the older he gets, the worst his movie choices are. I found The Recruit to be somewhat cliche and predictable. Especially the ending. And, I really haven't figured out the phenomenon with Colleen Farrell. Isn't he just an Irish Brad Pitt? Pretty to look at, and over acts? His American accent was broken a few times, one could pick up the accent in a few of his lines. All and all, it's not a bad Netflix choice, if you don't want to think.


Blogger Katie & Da Katz said...

I agree... Al Pacino is on my "I want emulate" list.

Kat Kittel

8:45 PM  
Blogger Katie & Da Katz said...

Ummm... Katie cud you pleze stop sleeping on my arm!!

I mean, "I want TO emulate list!"

8:46 PM  

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