Monday, January 23, 2006

Walk the Line

This weekend I saw Walk the Line. It really did deserve to win all the awards it won at the Golden Globes and other award shows. I thought the film was very well done. I can't believe that Joaquin sang in his real voice in that film. He sounded amazing. Joaquin is a great actor. Ever since I saw Gladiator, I've always liked him. I also really liked Reese Witherspoons' performance. She is one of my favorite actresses. I remember a movie that she was in when she was much younger. Man on the moon. That is one of my favorite films that she is in.


Blogger moseskitty said...

I'm torn on this, and have been waiting for the DVD. I very familiar with Cash's life, and I'm going to be real frustrated if this is woefully inaccurate. I'm also going to be dissapointed if his spiritual side is misrepresented.

We'll see what happens when it hits blockbuster.

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